About House 32

Officially launched in December 2006, House 32 takes its name from a place in Phnom Penh where coffee and conversation led to the development of a new web design firm.

A small group of friends working independently realized that by combining skills – visual design, illustration, project management, programming and backend development – some of the country’s smartest media professionals could be tapped for a much needed service in Cambodia – professional web design.

Guided by these founders, the list of designers, programmers and artists who define the House 32 team continues to grow.

Who We Are

House 32 is a small but dedicated group of media professionals with an enthusiasm for technology and a passion for Southeast Asian culture.

Headed by long-term resident John Weeks, House 32’s core team includes graphic designers, artists and programmers from Cambodia and overseas. International and local staff have years of demonstrated proficiency in their respective disciplines, and their knowledge and intuition is evident in House 32 – designed sites.

What We Do

Quite simply, we build web sites.

Our web design process begins with understanding the specific needs of our clients. This is the most important part of any web project. We study your organization, how it works, its core mission and values. We explore how your web site will integrate with your existing ways of doing business. We identify your target audience. We ask questions.

It is this in-depth project analysis that ensures the project’s goals are based on real customer needs.

Once the project’s goals have been defined, House 32 can then map out a strategy for meeting them. This includes choosing appropriate technology and assigning the necessary resources to build your web site.

At this point, the designers and programmers go to work, translating the project’s strategies and goals into a tangible web site.

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